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Corona Virus -Covid 19 6 Piece Patient Care Kit

Corona Virus -Covid 19 6 Piece Patient Care Kit

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If you are in an unfortunate situation of looking after a corona virus patient, you need to take everybit of extra care to ensure that you yourself do not become victom to this disease as well as stop further spread of this.

This carefully selected kit will provide you all you need in order to stop the spread of this disease.
It includes, a fully size body suit (XXL), protective eye goggles, dispoable headwear, Paper face mask, Shoe cover and gloves
The face mask will prevent any direct flow of germs through breathing, the hat, bodysuit, shoes cover and gloves will stop any germs being transmitted after you have been in contact with contaminated areas.

Kindly note that these items have been put together based on the information available in media outlets. This is entire based on our assesment however having discussed this with a doctor, if used carefully this can be very useful prevention measure. There is no guarantee that it will definitely stop the spread however it is reasonable to assume that it will help.

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