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Shoes are an inseparable part of men’s life. Can you imagine your life without good shoes? Well, we can’t and that’s why Brooklyn Big and Tall is here to offer you a trendy, stylish and unique range footwear specially designed for tall and big men. 

For men, style is analogous to shoes and it’s only about shoes. Whether you are dressed up for a workout or going to a party or you have that important client meeting for promotion, footwear plays an integral part in all the events and hence life. A great pair of footwear all make the difference. The right shoes for men are those that are comfortable, durable and classy. Even your everyday casual style of footwear like sneakers, slippers, and sandals will get an instant upgrade with the right pair of footwear. And don’t worry: Brooklyn Big and Tall has got great prices so you can afford all the style and comfort you need.  

Inquest for greatness, Brooklyn Big and Tall represents accuracy and details in craftsmanship which converts into unique and stylish footwear for big and tall men that are classic and contemporary and ideal for tall and king-sized people. An exclusive super brand for men’s footwear, Brooklyn Big and Tall offers a range of big and tall men shoes ranging from formal to flip flops. Addressing the needs of the big and tall style-conscious man, the brand’s footwear collection boasts of a collection of big men’s slippers, big men’s boots, big men’s flip flops, big and tall men’s sandals, big and tall sneakers and much more. Think of best shoes for big guys, Think of Brooklyn Big And Tall. 

Style is one thing but is that style of footwear available in your size. Are you the one suffering and compromising with style because your choice of trendy footwear is not available in your size? Well then, you have come so far but to the right place! Now live your life King size with Brooklyn’s Big and Tall men shoes.  

Wardrobe essentials: Unique footwear for men

Here is the list of men’s shoes for big and tall people that should be a part of your shoe collection: 

Big and Tall formal shoes: Formal shoes are absolute classics and must-have for any wardrobe. Not only they can be paired with your office formals but they look urbane with suits too.  

Big and Tall casual shoes: Casual shoes are versatile and they perfectly go with your favorite semi-formals. You can add a pair of casual big and tall footwear and go trendy with us. 

Big and Tall sandals and boots: Whether plays an integral role in selecting the collection of your footwear. If you are placed in a humid, hot or dry environment then Big and tall sandals are a comfortable pair of footwear for you. But if you are looking for something for the cold environment then boots will do and look better. 

Big and Tall sneakers: Sneakers are men's shoes that you can be very happy with. Go for bright colors, neon highlights or more neutral, monochrome or both because the choice is entirely yours to stay trendy.

Big and Tall running shoes: Fitness should be a priority and it should be on the priority list. For that, big and tall men’s running shoes specially designed for the fitness freak will help you with comfort and style. 

Can you still imagine men’s life without shoes? Well, you shouldn’t even imagine your life without shoes. Here are the reasons why shoes are such a style ingredient in men’s life. Just think!


  • Shoes help up to look and feel attractive and sharp from head to toe.

There are two endpoints of a human body, your head, and your feet. You cannot cover up your face with clothes, so it makes sense to wear stylish footwear for making yourself look sharp and well-dressed. 

  • Quality shoes make you feel comfortable the whole day and are a spending priority.

You cannot get rid of your shoes anytime. So better to choose comfortable and trendy. 

  • Your shoes represent your attention to detail.

It’s agreeable to a certain extent that you can tell a lot about a person, especially men by the shoes he wears. Men generally pay attention to clothing and are considered less detail-oriented than women. So by wearing a stylish and classy pair of shoes prove you’ve got an eye for small details. 

  • Your shoes indicate your style, choice, and status. You just cannot wear anything and roam around! 

Good shoes will take you to good places. So invest wisely! 

Why choose us?

Brooklyn Big And Tall is the most trusted online store for big and tall men in the UK. Having the right size of footwear is the deepest desire for all big and tall people on this planet. Now, you need not to worry about the size because Brooklyn Big and Tall has brought to you each style available in various. Also, we give you the chance to see every single design of big and tall shoes in detail with a couple of single snaps of a mouse. Just go on Brooklyn Big and Tall website and view in purchasing various big and tall shoes online. Simply visit Brooklyn Big and Tall’s site once. We acknowledge orders 24*7 so you can make your buy as per your convenience. We are more than happy to serve you!