Padders Mens Dual Fit G/H Wide Waterproof Leather Shoes (Terrain) in Black

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Size: 6.5
Colour: Black
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Approved by healthy footwear guide,these wide fit waterproof lace up shoes are suitable for walking be it rain or sunshine. Soft cushioned insoles that mould to you feet eliminating painful pressure points.This is what Padders say about this product, Maufactured in the UK, at our Kettering Factory, this quality leather summer shoe is ideal for every occasion. It features the following, These waterproof shoe comes with non-wicking laces and is designed for walking, be it sunshine or rain. Made using soft leather with a cushioned insole and soft textile lining for warm, comfortable feel good feet. Featuring our unique Aqua-Paw membrane which allows feet to breathe while maintaining a waterproof barrier for those early morning dog walks. Designed as a Dual Fit with two insoles allowing the removal of an insole to create a wider personalised fit, or to insert an orthotic. Padders have the concept of comfort so well sewn up that feelgoodfeet is our own trademark. It's a word that sums up our unique approach to creating the ultimate in comfort footwear with styles and materials based on exhaustive research into the physiology of feet.Using our own design, we've gone right back to basics to work out how shoes can be made lighter, more comfortably supportive and durable.

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Padders Terrain Waterproof Shoes

Padders Terrain Wide Rain Shoes

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Padders Wide Fit Waterproof Shoes

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