GEOX Mens Low Cut Ultra Breathable Black Leather Sneakers (Aerantis)

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Aerantis ushers in a new state of play for Geox technology. Aerantis is a revolutionary men's sneaker with an iconic and modern design. Crafted from soft goat leather with side perforations, it is completely business-casual appropriate but will also look good with off-duty outfits. Its special construction, which includes elasticated lacing, means it is easy to put on and take off. Invitingly comfortable and adaptable, it contributes to a proper gait and scores high in terms of wearability and performance alike. Pampering you whatever the situation, Aerantis is featherlight and pliant, but most importantly, it is cushioned with an EVA midsole which effectively soaks up bumps and knocks coming up from the ground. The rubber tread has a distinctive design, featuring circular inserts which ensure a reliable grip at all times. Aerantis™ is the essence of technology and boasts cutting-edge solutions that allow the shoe to breathe for an amazing sensation of well-being. The groundbreaking Ventilation System works just like a powerful engine which, prompted by movement, steps up the internal air circulation and facilitates breathability all around the foot. It works in conjunction with the Inner Breathing System, a special interior lining which optimises breathability and heat dispersion, and the Net Breathing System, which ensures that hot air from the inside is replaced with cool air from the outside thanks to the sole’s broad perforated and breathable surface area. The classic Geox rubber sole is based on an exclusive patent: the combination of the perforated sole and the resistant breathable and waterproof membrane allow for natural temperature regulation, thereby creating the perfect microclimate inside the shoe that keeps feet dry and comfortable for the whole day.

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